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Cardinal Voice & Swallowing supports home health agencies, assisted/independent living facilities, and physician offices through mobile swallowing imaging, comprehensive voice and swallowing evaluations, and follow up speech therapy services as needed.

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Expand offered services

Add videostroboscopy and FEES exams to the services offered in your office to support timely diagnosis, disease monitoring, and comprehensive care

of your patients.

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Reduce Hospitalizations

Mobile FEES in the home is convenient, quick, and accurate.  Objective results improve SLP efficiency, effectiveness, and reduces risk for rehospitalization due to delays in care.

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Assisted & Independent Living

Comprehensive Services

Screenings, clinical exams, mobile imaging, and follow up speech therapy services offered to keep residents healthy, in their homes, and enjoying life.

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Medical professionals have long relied on diagnostic imaging for objective information to diagnose and treat patients; however, timely access to voice and swallowing diagnostics has hindered physicians' and speech language pathologists' ability to effectively and efficiently diagnose and prescribe treatment.


Imagine being able to improve efficiency of patient care and increase patient satisfaction while minimizing delays in their care.

Cardinal Voice & Swallowing understands the importance of thorough and timely diagnostics have on overall patient outcomes.

With mobile imaging services, you now have the ability to have objective, diagnostic information at your fingertips without the lengthy wait, scheduling delays, or hassles of obtaining evaluation information from another provider.

Call today to learn more about the benefits of mobile services.

Did you know?



of patients had a change in diagnosis following videostroboscopy

Cohen et al. 2015

Cohen, S. M., Kim, J., Roy, N., Wilk, A., Thomas, S., & Courey, M. (2015). Change in diagnosis and treatment following specialty voice evaluation: a national database analysis. The Laryngoscope, 125(7), 1660-1666.

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