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Excellence in holistic voice and swallowing care
Cookies with your grandson ...a heart to heart with a dear friend ...gathering with family and friends for a holiday meal's the small things that bring joy to your life.
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You use your words and share your meals to make meaningful relationships with others. Stroke, cancer, and voice misuse can cause you to lose that special connection to others.

When you have difficulty swallowing or using your voice, spending time with loved ones becomes stressful, causes worry, and leaves you feeling alone and left behind.

Cardinal Voice & Swallowing wants you to have that quality of life back. Through individualized, evidenced-based assessments and treatments, Cardinal Voice & Swallowing helps you achieve your goals and get back to enjoying life.

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Whether you've been diagnosed with head and neck cancer, are a professional voice user, or have noticed changes to your voice as you age, voice therapy may be the right choice for you.

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Whether you've had a stroke, cancer, or noticed changes to your swallowing as you age, find out how swallowing therapy can help.

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